Quantum Communications

builds innovative services on top of advanced technology based network infrastructures. Our services utilize software based solutions that are built upon optical digital networks and distributed computing systems with standard protocols and proven technologies, enabling us to deploy our services rapidly with cost efficiency while maintaining dynamic approach to meet our customers' multiple communications needs.

Multi-service User Management System
is the center of Quantum Communications' universe. By utilizing high bandwidth optical fiber networks, standard network interface and protocol, standard remote database access technologies, and state of arts GHz+ microprocessors, MUMS provides decentralized data processing with centralized database; results in highly dynamic functional service agents, with accurate real time information. Since all service agents are functionally separated, such as call manager, gateway, etc., we are able to add, drop, or modify services rapidly. Since all critical information is centrally managed, such as customer database and service record, we are able to enable or tailor service easily. Therefore, our customer needs are met timely and dynamically.

Service Agent is an entity that supports a unique functionality. It is designed to answer a particular service request. Different services will be answered by different Service Agents. Since the Service Agents are separated functionally, add and drop any service is independent from all other services, even databases; therefore, rapid deployment or modification becomes possible.

For example:

Call Manager is the service agent that verifies the request for service (i.e., a voice call) against customer database and types of service that customer is authorized. Once the identity is verified and the service is granted, Call Manager passes the service request to the service agent that is in charge of such service.

PSTN Gateway is the service agent that sends and receives "voice transaction" between IP network and analog network (PSTN). As a service agent, PSTN Gateway responds to the request from Call Manager, makes the connection that is needed for the service, performs the exchanges needed between two different networks, until the call is completed.

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