Leverage on our global network, globally enabled multiple services communication platform, and China/U.S. presences, Quantum Communications provides following services:

  • Voice Services:
    Global Centrex, IP-Phone, Global Termination, Voice Conferencing, Global Toll-Free.
  • Data Services:
    VPN, Global Networks Access, Email Service, Managed Network Services.
  • Multimedia Services:
    Multi-casting/Uni-casting, VoD, Interactive Content Delivery.
  • Other Value-added Services:
    Services that may be provided to our clients by our strategic partners through Quantum's network and access.
----For detailed info on existing services, please visit www.myqc.net.

  • Calling Account:
    Quantum's innovative Calling Account® provides an 800 toll-free number & an account PIN for customers to place long-distance calls from any phone at any time. Quantum's Call-from-China® feature allows customers' authorized people to call from China with the same account.

  • My-Hotline:
    Quantum's business or personal My-Hotline service gives customers the great convenience of dialing toll-free to get connected to a specified phone – from any phone in U.S. to any phone in the world. Customers can choose multiple hotline codes for their frequently dialed numbers.

  • Quantum's Dail-up Internet Access:
    Provides customers Internet access in both U.S. and China
  • Quantum Communicationshas developed and integrated powerful convergent technologies and systems to provide direct-access and direct-termination services over existing IP networks. These services bypass the legacy switched telephone networks. All the calls can be setup and connected without going through any traditional switches. It provides Quantum and its customers both freedom and cost-saving advantages. The following services are in field trial and will be available soon to our customers.

    IP Phone IP phone replaces traditional telephone to give customers direct access from and terminations to all demostic and internaltional locations. All the calls are setup and connected by powerful Call Manager without going through PSTN if both caller and receiver use IP phone. Otherwise, PSTN gateway will direct the call. This service gives customer tremendous savings especially calling international.

    IP PCS This is the newest generation of wireless Personal Communication Service with IP enabled local transceiver. It is equipped by latest micro-cellular and media controlling technologies. The user can move freely within the covered region or travel to other regions. All the calls are directly routed to termination POP over global IP network. It is a friendly service - environmental friendly and pocket friendly.

    Global Centrex - A globally managed service provides multinational companies PBX-alike features among their headquarters, branches, rep offices, subsidiaries and partners without actual installation and maintenance of multiple PBXs. It gives the caller a single access and unique extension numbers globally for internal or external use. All the calls are going over existing IP networks.

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